guest5391349: Good morning dear saints, This is Sister Joyceann, I am requesting your prayers for myself who was hit by another car on friday and a special unspoken, Mr Powery, Margo, Ms Elizabeth and sis Des, plus all of my love ones that they will be save by the grace of God. Prayers for all of the services and our world crisis. Love you all and thanks.
Judy Hay: Good morning. What a beautiful day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Praise the Lord!
Sis. Ramsay : Good morning brethren, I just want to thank and praise the Lord for the wonderful plan of salvation. I am feeling very burdened for the unsaved souls and I'm asking for special prayers on their behalf that they will yield themselves to the true and living God..
Bro Ricky : Amen. A beautiful and wonderful morning dear saints.
Sis. Ramsay : Praise the Lord for the blessed church of God
Sherri Pavelich: Praise the Lord 1
Sherri Pavelich: What a beautiful song.
Kay DeBeni: I Would Like To Give Thanks To Everyone Who Kept Me In Their Prayers For My Heart Cath Last Wednesday ~ I Had 2 Blockages 100 percent Blocked ~ And By The Grace of God The Procedure Went Well ~ Both Blockages Were Opened ~ Thank You Heavenly Father My Heart Is Not Struggling To Beat ~ I Feel So Much Better With My Heart ~ GOD Is Good All The Time ~
Kay DeBeni: And Faith & Prayers Do Work ~ God Hears Our Prayers ~ AMEN
guest2395796: My God is awesome I always request prayer for my daughter to get pregnant praise God she did and have a beautiful and healthy child all praises to God I still have some battles that I can't fight on my own please for me and my family to get save
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