guest62879: Love to all the saints . What a blessing to be able to " attend " church with you all here in Oklahoma ! Much better in my body , appreciate continued prayer .
guest62879: Didn't know if it showed , this is Sis Bobbie !
guest74257961: I would love to see more souls be born but we should live the life that is pleasing to God and for our unsaved love ones to see they read our lives than the bible if we are persecuted let it be for righteousness sake may God help me I want to be an example to others
guest74257961: Praise the Lord so sweet may God continue to bless and them and their parents
guest2823986: I have several serious prayer request sites. God knows the need!
guest74257961: The Lord is so good to everyday I prove him more and more I was planning on buying a ticket to travel it would cost $360 and a friend check online I got it for 197 dollar if it is not God who could it be
guest74257961: Thank the Lord I have the opportunity to see another service pray continue to pray for my daughter to conceive my husband and other daughters to be save my elderly friends to be save also have some unspoken request
guest74257961: Can you tell what chapter of Nehemiah
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